Want to Know About a Great Camera Bag ? My Personal Review

This is a short video showing me talk about a camera bag I really like. You might wonder, “What is this doing on Professor Horners Art Class blog? Well, photography is often an important asset in art. When you have a good photo it is great for research and ideas for your future paintings. So, don’t be surprised if you see more discussions about photography and even some photos.

This particular camera bag can function as a base for drawing and painting when you are out and about taking pictures. It is the Lowpro Flipside 300 Aw11. As you will see in the video after I take it out  the box I demonstrate the reason it is called the Flipside. Please share your thoughts.

Talk with you later

Jessica’s First Photo Exhibit at The Elizabeth Library in Elizabeth New Jersey

I am not sure who is more excited about this art exhibit at the Elizabeth Library in New Jersey. One of my students at the Newark School of the Arts will debut in her very first exhibit. She has 5 pictures which has been taken with one of my old cameras a Fujifilm X10.

This small camera packs a wallop. I chose to have her use it because of it’s size and ease of use.  The Fujifilm X10 has a small sensor, a decent optical viewfinder, and a semi fast f/2-2.8 zoom lens built into the camera that is actually quite good. This camera came out in 2011 but can still do the job. In the hands of an enthusiastic young student it produced great work.

 I will be doing more footage of the show and her work in the next post.Hopefully, if you are close you can come out to see the show with some awesome artists.

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