Earth Day Recycle 3d Animated Project-“The Power Broker!”

This is an animated short video called, “The Power Broker” This In response to what should not happen with our batteries. One of the art students at Kean University discovered these batteries in the trash. Batteries need to be discarded in the proper way, there are many recycle locations to properly discard batteries, so that they don’t contaminate our water supply. This 3D project is a temporary one and the batteries will be disposed of properly. Check out the Life green batteries project site for more valuable information about the hazards of batteries.

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Recycle 3d Animated Project-“The Power Broker!”

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  2. Loved it – and the bongos in the music track were a great touch!
    Also remember that our computers and computer equipment should always be recycled – no matter how old!

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