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2 Motion 2D Projects

Moire pattern slider by Francisco Pereira and a Kinetic art pin wheel by katie Castaeda both Kean University Students. They did a good job of executing there 2D class assignments

There is a new art site, I just developed, to show artists, art students and art hobbyists how to build art materials and supplies.

Take time to visit the site “How to Build Art Stuff” TODAY!

3D Design project using environmentally friendly pulp board material. Don’t throw them away reuse the material in a artistic way. See the many creative ways the students at Kean University found to use the materials in their art work.

A unique horse was created by Nick Nardo from scraps. How’s that for recycling?

While exploring through piles left over wood in the wood bin. These  scraps were from other woodworkers at Kean University of Union, NJ. Nick, a future art school teacher, was attempting to complete his art class assignment. Then he saw the pieces that would become  ”Scraps the horse” .

Piece by piece  Nick constructed a work with both beauty and grace. Notice the forms shown. The forms are implied . Nick does not attempt to fill in every available space in the wood. So, your mind is forced to fill in those spaces.

What is your mind saying about the spaces in this 3D art creation called “Scraps?

Nick Nardo ScrapDetail of Scraps


The only way to really get an idea of the beauty of 3D art is to see it.  Below is a description of an art assignment given  to my art class. I have also included several pictures that resulted from the art assignment.

When you first look at it does it look like it is hard to create? If you follow the assignment you just might be surprised at what you can actually create.


Objective: Create a 3D asymmetrical design.

This 3D asymmetrical design assignment should be done  using a layout that takes advantage of the sculptural forms your paper can make. Think about how your work will be viewed from different angles of light and the new forms the shadows create.

Materials: Bristol board or plan paper and glue work mounted on 11″ x 14″ mat board or foam core finished and with flat white spray paint. This project should take no longer than 5 hours.

Dictionary definition of asymmetrical:
Having parts that fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement; lacking symmetry.

Student: Maria Oses - Kean University Interior Design Major

Front of boat

Maria Oses was able to build this ship with much patience, skill and creativity. The ship is placed so that the form of the ship breaks the picture plane at the upper quadrant and on an angle to show the strength of a mighty ship. Maria became very in involved in process of her work and put in many hours, but that is what it takes to take your work to the next level.

More Details below:

Back boatdetail boatSailsDetail back of boat



Kean University 3D Student, Sara Fergenson, designed this creative motif from her cup pulp board coffee trays. This is one of many examples of student work to follow. Many sculptures can be created from an environmentally friendly materials. Try this project yourself and see what you can do.

Maybe a graceful ballerina is waiting to evolve out of your tray also. Sara is our future Edgar Degas.

Objective: Create a 3D sculpture using 1 to 2, 4 cup pulp board carrying trays

4 cup pulp board trays Don’t throw them away reuse them! Those Bio degradable pulp board items that are used in packaging have interesting forms. Companies like Enviropak think green and make environmentally friendly products from Bio degradable pulp board which is non bleached making it environmentally friendly. As artists we can think green also and make some creative 3D projects from some of these items. Your assignment is to reconfigure, from the 4 cup pulp board carrying tray, an interesting scuplture. So the next time someone asks you to get the coffees don’t throw out the trays, create something from them.

Materials: 1-2, 4 cup pulp board trays This project should take less than 5 hours.

Objective: Using a grid develop nine different solid forms with a cube “Hexahedron” no taller than 3″ the base should be equal on all sides of the square. This project should be clean, spray painted with flat white paint mounted on a flat 14″ x 14″ 3/16″ foam core board. 3” squares 1” space between squares 1.5″ outside margin The Starting layout below. The forms should work well together as a whole, each form being interdependent on the other form.

Grid layout page 

Samples of some Kean student work

grid project samples 

1.Patrick Roberts     2. Peter Halski    3. Bernardo Bajana   4. Steadman Channer

This is an animated short video called, “The Power Broker” This In response to what should not happen with our batteries. One of the art students at Kean University discovered these batteries in the trash. Batteries need to be discarded in the proper way, there are many recycle locations to properly discard batteries, so that they don’t contaminate our water supply. This 3D project is a temporary one and the batteries will be disposed of properly. Check out the Life green batteries project site for more valuable information about the hazards of batteries.

This video shows the accomplishments of the art students at Kean University’s Fine Arts Department.

See the assignment in the previous post.

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